As you can tell from the Logo above, “Power Lead System” and “Lead Lightning” are basically interchangeable when referring to this powerful Click Funnel System.  At the $7 One-Time-Pay Level, you can receive One-Time $6 Commissions and Utilize the Generic Lead Lightning Landing Page which will promote your Lead Lightning System AND your TruIntegrity unique Web Address also known as a URL.

Watch this short video to learn how to set up your $7 Lead Lightning System.

Here’s a brief overview of setting up the $7 Lead Lightning System. 


Please Note:  The $7 Lead Ligtning system is a good place to “start” for some members, but it is limited.  Even with the “B” Link of the $7 System, your prospects will be redirected to the “Lead Lightning” sells page first… and will only see the link to your TruInegrity website in the emails as explained in the video above.

To have access to a complete “Click Funnel” system that leads prospects directly to your TruIntegrity website, you will need to upgrade to the Gold Level of Lead Lightning.


As you know, TruIntegrity is your Primary Home Business and Lead Lightning (PLS) is the Online System that helps Build Your Business.  BUT… The Gold Level of Lead Lightning also offers a very Profitable Compensation Plan that spits out $20 commissions every month!  This means when you combine TruIntegrity with the Gold Level of Lead Lightning, you can earn up-front $250 Commissions… plus build Long-Term Wealth with $20 Monthly Commissions that can add up quickly!

I know the first thing you’re going to want to know is… how much does it cost? Let’s get this answered and out of the way right up front. The cost to up-grade to the Gold Level of Lead Lightning, is only $53.97 per month! (Note: The Power Lead System and the Gold Level of Lead Lightning are one in the same.)

So with Only 3 TruIntegrity members that “Follow-You” into the Gold Level of Lead Lightning… your PLS system is Cost Covered!   At that point you’ll be getting a Complete Marketing Funnell at No Extra Cost to YOU!



Now… if you’re still reading after seeing the cost of using this proven system, I know you’re serious about building a home business on the Internet. With that in mind, let me explain how to set up and work the system.

Here is how to Join Lead Lightning and Connect it to your TruIntegrity Back Office.  This is for BOTH $7 Members and Gold LL Members.



NEXT… Be sure to add your TruIntegrity Unique Web Address to the back-office of Lead Lead Lighting. The video below shows how to achieve this simple task.

Next:  In the Lead Lightning back office, you want to choose “TruIntegrity” as the company you promote.

Now that your have linked TruIntegrity to Lead Lighting… and Lead Lightning to TruIntegrity… it’s time to Set Up Your Business Click Funnel System. And this is Super Simple, because you can use the Same LANDING PAGE & EMAIL AUTO-REPSONDER that I use!

Note: All the below Set-up Information is AFTER you have upgraded to the GOLD Level in Lead Lighting.


Once you have Upgraded to the GOLD Level you’ll want to purchase your own very own Domain Name through PLS. This is Easy and Cheap! The video below shows how to easily accomplish this task.


Once you have your Domain Name, You can use MY Lead Capture Page and Emails… OR… Set Up Your Own. To use the Landing Page and Emails I created, simply copy and paste the “Share Code” into the “My Sharing Codes” section in your PLS back-office. The Video below will give simple instructions on how to use the “Share Code” and locate the “Landing Pages” and “Email Responder” that I created.

Share Code: 526006-tru100

Once you’ve done the above step… the next step will be to choose the “Landing Page” and “Emails” you will use.  The following video shows you how.

VERY IMPORTANT:  The next step is to check the links in the Emails to make sure they lead back to YOUR TruIntegrity Page.  The following video demonstrates how to achieve this simple step.


Once you have the above steps completed, you will want to TEST your Landing Page and Emails to make sure Everything Leads Back to YOU and Your unique TruIntegrity Web Address. The video below demonstrates how to test your information.


NOTE: If you ever have any problems with setting up your PLS system, check out the PLS Generic Set-up Videos. The Video Below shows how to find that link.


Where Do I Get Online Leads?

Here is the simple reality… If you can generate a sizable amount of REAL leads to your Landing Page… you can Make Money with almost ANY home business… including TruIntegrity. But the real problem is how to generate REAL leads to your landing page. First of all take note of this:

Be Aware: Don’t fall for Online Traffic Generating sites that promise Thousands of hits or new member for X amount of dollars! Those programs are scams! There are many so-called “Lead Generating” Websites and Companies that will promise you something like 10,000 Hits for Only $50… or whatever. Let me say it again… THESE ARE SCAMS! DON’T WASTE YOU MONEY ON THEM. Many will claim they have discovered some lead generating secret unknown to Google, or Yahoo, or others. In reality, all they are doing is sending computer generated “Robo-Hits” to your website or landing page. These are NOT real people! These are FAKE website hits that trick you into thinking your getting a bargain, when in reality, you just getting RIPPED OFF!


You Want Real “Eye-Balls”
Looking at Your Website

FIRST: Study the training material in Power Lead System! This is some of the BEST lead generating training material you’ll ever receive… it even shows you how to generate FREE leads through Social Networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Log into your PLS back-office and study this information intently.

NEXT: If you’re interested in BUYING real online leads, which I do… listed below are the only sources I have found to be legitimate. This is a short list, because reputable online sources are difficult to find… but I will continually add to this list as I find new ones, that I’ve personally tested. Even though I’ve tested these sources, I do not guarantee any kind of results.

Online Lead Sources

Udimi Solo Ads


Gigantic Solo Ads


Ad Copy for Solo Ads

Get $250 Instant Commissions!  Honest and Proven Home Business is helping Everyday People generate Up-Front Profits, plus Build Long-Term Wealth with One Simple Effort! Free Details at: [your web address goes here]

Proven System Helps Ordinary People Earn $250 Commissions Over and Over Again! Instant Commissions equals Faster Commissions!  Free Details at: [your web address goes here]


Don’t be shy about creating your own ads. Test… Test… Test… Keep the best and chunk the rest!

Also… Be sure to add your Landing Page Domain to all your TruIntegrity Postcards, Ads & Flyers. This allows you to build your business Online & Offline at the same time.

NOTE: TruIntegrity and The Rayburn Group does NOT allow the use of “Robo-Hit” Traffic Generating Scams. Any system that “guarantees” or “promises” Thousands of hits to your website for X-amount of dollars… is a scam that is simply sending “robo-hits” to your site, instead of real people. These so-called “traffic generating” systems are scams and not allowed.

Please Read: Many of the questions I receive are answered either on this page or in the Lead Lightning back-office and training videos. Again… make time to view all of the Lead Lightning training BEFORE contacting me. When I receive a good question that is not answered either here or on the LL site, I will post the question and answer in on the TruIntegrity F.A.Q. page inside your back office and on my Facebook page.


Note: If you are Not Interested in earning the $20 Lead Lightning Commissions by using their Landing Page System… and simply want a less expensive landing page, check out   With FIGresponder you will have to develop your own landing page and emails… and you will not earn extra commissions by using their service.