Welcome to TruIntegrity.  On this page you’ll find several videos and other information that will help you set up your TruIntegrity back-office so you can receive Direct Commissions and build your business.

Make Your Payments

TruIntegrity does NOT offer free memberships.  If you do not make payment to Admin and to your Sponsor, the system will automatically delete your account.   So the very first step you need to take, is to make payment to Admin… and then make payment to your Sponsor.  The video below shows you how.

(Note: Admin accepts payment Online by Credit Card or Debit Card or you can also make payment by Money Order.)


The fastest way to make the Admin Payment is by Credit Card or Debit Card, though the secure payment processor   Log back into the TruIntegrity CP are to make payment.

Back-Office Overview and Payment Processor Set Up

The software used by TruIntegrity is very powerful and automatically tracks your sales, pass-ups, etc.   After making your payments, the next step is to decide how you will receive your Instant Commissions.

The Easiest way to Accept Instant Commissions is through Direct Mail by having new members send you a Money Order by Priority Mail!  This is Super Simple!

You might also wish to use an Online Payment Processor, so you can receive payment faster.

The following video gives more information on how to set up the payment processor(s) and an overview of the back office.


The Super Simple Way to receive Instant Commissions is to have new members Send You a MONEY ORDER by PRIORITY MAIL!

Here’s a sample of what to type into the “manual or offline payment” text box:

Please Make Payment by MONEY ORDER (no checks); payable to:
John Doe
Anytown, State 00000
Please send payment by PRIORITY MAIL!

If you’d rather receive payment by overnight express mail or through Western Union, or through a different online payment processor or even through a cell phone app, such as Cash App… that information would go in the same “manual or offline payment” text box.

Comission Payment Approval

If you’re using one of the Payment Processors listed in the TruIntegrity back-office… it will try to automatically update your new member’s status once payment is made to you.

If you accept payment through the United States Postal Service, Western Union or another 3rd Party Processor, you will need to manually upgrade your new members account once payment is received.  This is Super Simple!  This Video shows you how!



To make the most of your TruIntegrity business opportunity, you should utilize a “Landing Page” along with an “Email Auto-Responder” system; which is also called a “Click Funnel System“.   This allows you to collect the email address of all your prospects, and automatically follow-up with them.

You are welcome to use any 3rd party “Click Funnel System” you choose, but using Lead Lightning is highly recommended, because you can use the Same Landing Page and Emails created by TruIntegrity!  Plus You Can Earn Extra Commissions!  Watch this brief Video for details.

For more information and to join Lead Lightning,  click on the “Programs List” link in your TruIntegrity Back-Office.