::. Am I allowed to use Traffic Generating Services to send hits to my TruIntegrity website?

If you are buying Online Traffic, it MUST be sent to a Landing Page before going to your TruIntegrity website.  1) This is Good Business.  2)  Too many members try "Traffic Generating" scams that promise to send thousands of hits to your website for pennies on the dollar.  These are NOT real people looking at your website, but instead simply computer generated FAKE "robo-hits."   That's why they can charge such a small price.  

If a service or website claims they can send you Thousands of hits to your website for $100 or less... It's a Scam!  These Traffic Generating Services are prohibited by TruIntegrity, because they clog up our system and can actually shut down your website.  TruIntegrity reserves the right to suspend the account of any member using such a Traffic Generating Scam.

On the other hand, there are a few LEGITIMATE traffic generating sites.  You will pay anywhere from .35 to $1.00 per hit... but it will be Real Eyeballs looking at your website.  For more information on Real Internet Traffic, go to www.TruIntegrity.com/system.   A list of these sites s near the bottom of the page.

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