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An enticing Landing Page and persuasive Auto-Responder Emails are great tools in building a solid Online Business… but without Quality Leads, your business will not grow.  The #1 reason most people fail in an online business is the lack of “Real Eyeballs” viewing their opportunity!

Many individuals waste their money on Fake Robo-Hits.  When these “fake” hits don’t convert into new buyers the member usually blames their home business opportunity.  But in reality… they didn’t generate any new sales, because these computer generated hits ARE NOT Real People! 

Any site that claims to send thousands of hits to your website for just a few dollars… Is A Scam!  They claim to have discovered some secret lead generating source unknown to the “big boys”… but in reality, they simply take your hard earned money and send computer generated fake hits; making you think your opportunity or website is the problem for a lack of sales!  This is just WRONG and unethical!

What you need are REAL PEOPLE viewing your website!  That’s why I started the TruIntegrity Advertising Co-op.  Now let me say right up front… I cannot “guarantee” a specific amount of prospects and I cannot “guarantee” the prospects will actually join.  No honest business person can make those type of claims.

BUT… I do offer a Legitimate Advertising Co-op that continually generates “REAL PEOPLE” looking at the website of  co-op participants.  Here’s how it works:


I pool together the money from all co-op participants and place TruIntegrity Advertisements in both Online and Off-line sources.  This includes home business magazines, online solo ads, proven lead generation sites, Ezines, and sometime even mass postcard mailings.

Each co-op participant MUST have a 3rd party Landing Page, either through Lead Lightning/Power Lead System or some other source.

Each co-op participants Landing Page URL is placed in my own Web Page Rotator System.  As prospects respond to the website link in the advertisements, it automatically rotates to the next member’s Landing Page in a “round robin” fashion.


The TruIntegrity Advertising Co-op is an inexpensive way to reach Thousands of prospects with Real Advertising!  To place these advertisements on your own would cost Thousands of Dollars per Month… but through our co-op you can share the expense with other TruIntegrity members!

The cost of advertising that generates REAL PEOPLE looking at your website is not cheap but it can be very productive.  The cost join the TruIntegrity Advertising Co-op is Only $100 per month on Monthly Auto-Order.  (can be easily cancelled)

I continually place ads each and every month, so you can join the TruIntegrity Advertising Co-op at anytime.  Your Landing Page URL remains in the rotator system on a continual 30-day cycle until you cancel your Auto-Order. 

Professional Network Marketers understand that ALL advertising is speculative and results can vary.  But since some that are new to the home business industry might not understand this reality, I must make the disclaimer that there are NO REFUNDS given for the TruIntegrity Advertising Co-op!

In the past I have built Network Marketing Teams in excess of 17,000 members using systems that included Advertising Co-ops!  With TruIntegrity, we are set to do it again!  If you’re ready to start getting Real Eyeballs looking at your TruIntegrity website, then join the Advertising Co-op Today!

Monthly Auto-Order in the TruIntegrity Advertising Co-op is Only $100.00 per month.  This Auto-Order can be easily cancelled at any time by contacting TruIntegrity at:



*Note:  Auto-Order cancellation must be made at least 7 days before charge date by contacting:


Don’t Put Your Financial Future on Hold!  Join the TruIntegrity Advertising Co-op Today!