Payza Update

Payza’s Problems Are To Our ADVANTAGE!

After spending 2 months getting TruIntegrity set-up and positioning Payza to be our primary payment processor… Payza is having difficulty with the U.S. Government again.   As of the writing of this post, Payza is No Longer Available in the United States!  This is the second time over the last few years Payza has had this problem.  They might get it worked out in the future… but “fool me twice; shame on me.”

From this point forward… I am positioning TruIntegrity as a Direct Pay PRIORITY MAIL System!  This means new members will send you Money Order Payments by Direct Mail.   You can also request they send payment by Overnight Express, Western Union or even PayPal.  Just remember to transfer your PayPal money to your Bank Account quickly.

Positioning TruIntegrity as a Direct Pay PRIORITY MAIL System keeps members from having to re-adjust their method of payment every time a payment processor makes a change.  Plus… receiving Money Order Payments is Super Simple for everyone and will increase our prospect pool!

When I received the Payza email it came as a shock!  But after consideration, I realized this is really a Blessing in Disguise.  Setting up Payza was difficult for many members.  Receiving payment by Priority Mail is Super Simple!   Check out the Start Page for details.

Wishing You Success…

Art Rayburn