This is TruIntegrity.  We understand that savvy home business enthusiasts want an Affiliate Program with “Member to Member” Payment, so Commissions are Earned Faster.  They want a Product Package that is Authentic and has Real Value.  Plus, they want a Business Building System that is Simple and Effective.   That’s what you get with TruIntegrity. 

TruIntegrity is a fast growing Affiliate Program backed by “The Rayburn Group” which has been in the Home Business Industry for over 30 years!  With TruIntegrity you’ll have access to the best Online Business Education and Training… Plus have the opportunity to earn a sizable income with the “Twin Leverage” compensation plan.


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These Education Modules are delivered through Video, Audio and in Written Format.   Here’s just a partial list of what’s included in the TruIntegrity Product Package.



This valuable ever growing library is 30 Years worth of Home Business and Lifestyle Training.  Whether you’re a home business beginner or full-time professional, you’ll find information here to Take Your Business and Life to the Next Level!


This E-Book and accompanying material can help even the Home Business Novice become a Master Copywriter!  If you’ve ever wanted to develop your copywriting skills in order to Make More Money, you Need this E-book!

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NOTE: TruIntegrity is NOT a Gifting Program.  Commissions are not paid for the act of recruiting.  Commissions are Earned when new members purchase the Product Package listed in this section.



TruIntegrity is a “Peer-to-Peer” or “Member-to-Member” affiliate program; which means every $250 Commission you earn is Sent Directly to YOU… by PRIORITY MAIL… or any other payment processor of your choice!  No Middle Man!  No Waiting a Month to Get Paid!  


Watch this brief video to learn more about the TruIntegrity “Twin Leverage” compensation plan!



How Many $250 Commissions Do You Want?   Two a Week?  Three a Week?  Four a Week or More? 



♦ TruIntegrity offers a Home Business Education Package worth over $5,000.  This is over 30 years of Home Business Insights presented in Video, Audio and Written format.  You won’t find this training anywhere else on the Internet!  This training is exclusive to TruIntegrity!

You also get the “Copywriting Influence” E-Book to help you master the art of business copywriting!

♦ TruIntegrity Pays Out 100% Commissions!  $250 for Each New Member You Sponsor… and Commissions can be Sent to You by Priority Mail!

♦ When you join TruIntegrity, you get your very own Marketing Website, just like this one!

♦ Plus… you get step-by-step instruction how to set up and market your business. 

You get all of this for the very low “One-Time-Payment” of Only $250, plus a “one-time-pay” $49.95 Life-Time website lease to admin. 


Joining TruIntegrity is a 2-Step Process.  The $49.95 life-time website lease is paid to TruIntegrity.  Then the $250 payment is made directly to your sponsor by either Priority Mail or the payment processor(s) of their choice.  (both are one-time-only payments)

The Best Part of All…
Commissions are Paid Directly to YOU!

Most Asked Questions

Q: How do I know which method of payment is accepted by my Sponsor?

A: Our Members Accept Payment by Money Order which can be sent by Priority Mail or Over-night Express Mail.   Some members also accept payment by Western Union, PayPal, or some other online processor.   Once you become a paid member, you can choose the method of payment that fits you best!  And it’s Super Simple to Set Up.  

Q: Which method of payment is accepted by Admin?

A: The Rayburn Group / TruIntegrity accepts Payment by Money Order which can be sent by Priority Mail or Over-night Express Mail.  You can also choose to pay securely Online by Credit Card or Debit Card.  

Q: Why do you charge a $49.95 website lease?

A:  To be quite honest… we have to make money too.  Members receive $250 commissions.  That’s a payout of 100% in Commissions.  There are many expenses to operating an affiliate program with such valuable content.  If we don’t make a profit, there is no business opportunity available to you.  This is a One-Time-Only payment.

Q: Do You Give Refunds?

A: No.  Because the products offered by TruIntegrity are “Online” and Educational in nature, it would be very easy for someone to join TruIntegrity, Download all the Training Information (Product Package) and then request a refund.  Even though this is extremely unethical and stealing, there will always be a few who try.  With this in mind, The Rayburn Group / TruIntegrity does NOT offer a Money Back Guarantee and does NOT give refunds.  There is more than enough information on this website for the ordinary person to make an educated decision.

Q: Am I guaranteed to make money?

A: Of course not.  This is an Affiliate Program and Home Business “Opportunity.”  No One can guarantee you’ll make money with ANY Home Business “Opportunity” or Affiliate Program.  If you need “right now” money for rent, groceries, etc… your only option is a traditional job.  If you’re searching for a real and honest “opportunity” to do something special with your life and have the potential to earn Thousands per month, I encourage you to join TruIntegrity right now.

Q: Is TruIntegrity a World-Wide Opportunity?

A: Yes.  As long as our payment processor (ProPay) is accepted in your country and you can send the Sponsor Payment by Priority Mail, Western Union, etc… You can Join TruIntegrity!

Have Questions?  Contact the home office at: admin@truintegrity.com